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Gig-FX press release (December 1, 2010)

Gig-FX Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Johnny Hiland Signature Kilowah. Johnny Hiland, a solo artist signed to Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label, has been the session player of choice for Toby Keith, Ricky Skaggs, Janie Fricke, and Hank Williams III. Johnny has long been the show-guitarist of choice for Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Johnny first heard the Gig-FX Kilowah at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, and he liked the Kilowah so much he bought one on the spot and later agreed to lend his name to this custom version of the pedal to meet his demanding tone and function specifications exactly.

Most Wah pedals lose the low end of your guitar signal. They are limited by the inductor (filter) which has a relatively narrow bandpass (frequency range). Gig-FX employs a unique filter circuit with a wider range in order enable the pedal to sweep from a low, funky bass response to a crisp high end without losing any of the famous mid tones that Wah pedals can provide. This wider range gives the pedal a much more expressive quack, wail and talk capability and also ensures that if the guitar is a significant part of the sound, none of the low end is lost when the Wah is engaged.

This is what Johnny has to say about the Gig-FX Johnny Hiland Wah pedal:

    "I am SO excited, and proud, to see the release of my new JH signature Kilowah! Gig-FX has built me the perfect Wah pedal that matches my playing in versatility. My pedal is lightweight, and is very user friendly with no on/off switches to worry about. It features a big bright LED that even a blind boy can see on stage. The four Wah effects, built in, offer a nice sweet tone with a deep sweep. My pedal is just simply awesome!!!! Gig-FX ROCKS, and the proof is in the pickin.' Go out, and put a Gig-FX JH Kilowah under your foot today!!!!! It's a wah stompin' good time!!!!!!!!"

The all-analog Johnny Hiland Kilowah has four onboard settings via a four-position selector switch:

  • A Classic Wah with the same sweep characteristics and tones as vintage Wah pedals.
  • The Johnny Hiland Signature Mega setting with the extended filter range and full low end response.
  • The funkiest, most melodic and talkative automatic envelope Wah on the planet.
  • An Auto-wah with a variable rate control.

The Johnny Hiland Signature Kilowah uses optical control and is by-passed when the pedal is all the way back and switches on noiselessly when the pedal is pressed forward. The pedal also features a user-adjustable off-delay so that the effect does not turn off inadvertently when rocking the pedal.

"Better than true bypass" is achieved by presenting a constant impedance to your guitar pickup and to the amplifier to reduce cable high-frequency losses. The switching is seamless and pop-free (there are detailed test results on the gig-fx web site highlighting the improvement over true bypass).

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