Gig-FX was founded by Jeff Purchon, CEO of the company. The HQ is in Waltham  and design and support in Wellesley, both in MA, USA.

    Timeline (by Jeff Purchon)

    • 2004: first pedal (Chopper) and first NAMM show. Very nervous. A whole booth and only one pedal. In that first show we picked up Tool, Adrian Belew, Mark Tremonti and many other pro musicians - with only one pedal!
    • 2005: company incorporated and expanded - introduced Megawah. Fender called us to distribute our products.
    • 2006: introduced the Variable Overdrive (VOD)
    • 2008: swapped to MDG for distribution in the US and to Touched by Sound in Germany.
    • 2010: introduced Peter Frampton Wah, Johnny Hiland Wah and Variable Echo.

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