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Based on the very rare WEM Project V fuzz pedal as used by Brian Eno on 'Here come the Warm Jets'.

I have been wanting to do a Project V for years and when the schematic surfaced early 2012 I got to work.

I breadboarded the circuit 'stock' to see what was going on and decided to make a few modifications, mainly getting rid of the drive/edge output toggle switches.

I wanted to make something that was just a little bit simpler than the original, but still sounded like 'Here come the Warm Jets'.

Instead of the switches I added a control to dial in the 'edge' tone, quite similar to the 'Timbre' control on a Buzzaround.

I have also mounted the internal bias trimpots from the original on the outside of the case, this allows you to shape a larger variety of fuzz tones.

Finally some of the power filtering capacitors were left out, and also a couple of small pf value capacitors and a resistor from the base of Transistor 7 were omitted as they were not having a dramatic effect on the overall sound.

There are 8 transistors in the circuit, I used 7 BC108b, and 1 BC557b.

Cases are powdercoated by a local firm, labelling is a professionally printed vinyl sticker.

Price is £170 plus shipping, I have 1 for sale right now, and am taking orders for 3 more. I plan to do 10 like this in total over 2012.

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