Ghost Effects Silicon Pep Box


Ghost Effects

A version of the WEM Rush Pep Box which was manufactured during 1966-1967.

I borrowed a very rare original unit to confirm the circuit and the component values for this pedal.

Quite a full on 1960s Garage fuzz sound to the Pep Box, I think its similar tonally to the Maestro FZ-1.

If you are looking for a bass heavy fuzz then this is probably not for you!

  • Uses 2 BC107 Silicon NPN transistors like the original.
  • Case is professionally powdercoated (Silver sparkle with a red baseplate) and screenprinted by local Birmingham based firms.
  • Tagboard and point to point construction, velcro used to secure board.
  • True bypass, input of circuit is grounded when bypassed, red led indicator.
  • Metal film resistors, 16mm pots, internal trimpot to bias the 2nd transistor and set the range of the pep control (like the original).

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