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WaveLogic is an all-in-one modulation system that combines the versality of digital technology with the warmth and sound quality of analog gears. Powerful DSP enables WaveLogic to realize almost any desired modulation sounds without sacrificing the analog tones that are so revered.

  • Reconfigurable Sounds – WaveLogic is equipped with 4 fixed modes (Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger, and Phaser) + 2 reconfigurable modes (InfiniTone-A and InfiniTone-B). So you always have at your disposal 4 most commonly used modulation effects, plus 2 modes that you can reconfigure to anything that suits your need for a particular sound or setup. GFI System continuously develops and maintains an ever expanding collection of InfiniTone Modes which you can upload to WaveLogic via USB.

  • Pre-Loop / Post-Loop – Have you ever wished you can have both pre-drive modulation and post-drive modulation sounds without having to rewire your pedalboard or buy two modulation pedals? WaveLogic has a special feature that allows you to do just that. Please read : Pre-Loop/Post-Loop Explained.

  • Tap-Tempo – You can attach an external tap-tempo pedal to the Tap Input socket jack on WaveLogic. This allows you to tap in the desired speed for Phaser and Tremolo effects.

  • Stereo Outs – WaveLogic provides two outputs for satisfying stereo modulation sounds, and to allow more flexibility in your stereo setup, we’ve thrown in a little switch to configure OUT-2 as Effect Out or Direct Out (dry signal).

    • Configure OUT-2 as Effect Out to get the basic stereo setup :

    • Configuring OUT-2 as Direct Out opens up new possibilities, you can try placing other effects such as reverb or delay on the direct path for richer and interesting stereo sounds. Sending direct sound to one amp and effect sound to another amp also widens the stereo field.

Ok, what about the 4 fixed modes? How do they sound? Here are the details :

  • C H O R U S

    • Param 1 : DELAY TIME
    • Param 2 : M I X
    • Speed : 0.5 Hz – 6 Hz
    • Tap-Tempo : No
    • Output : Stereo

    • This is our take on the ubiquitous chorus effect, we’ve developed unique and unconventional algorithm that gives you everything from subtle sparkle of detuning to deep and spacious chorus. At the heart of the algorithm, 2 separate chorus engines with independent LFO are at work. This double voicing keeps the warbling artifacts commonly found in standard chorus to the minimum, resulting in a lush yet natural chorus. Delay Time knob adjusts ‘color’ of the chorus. The Mix knob is so much more than the usual wet/dry mixing control, it serves to greatly expand the chorus soundscape.
  • P H A S E R

    • Param 1 : SWEEP RANGE
    • Param 2 : RESONANCE
    • Speed : 0.1 Hz – 9 Hz
    • Tap-Tempo : Yes
    • Output : Stereo

    • We’ve taken great pains to faithfully reproduce the smooth and sweet phasing swirls of the classic 1-knob analog phaser pedals that was the staple of 80's rock sounds. Sweep Range knob controls how wide the phase sweep goes, and Resonance knob adjusts the phasing instensity, these two knobs gives such a wide pallete of phasing sounds, from subtle to squaky! Here’s a hint : set Depth knob to maximum, Sweep Range and Resonance to minimum, and you’ve gotten yourself a phaser pedal the legendary EVH uses ;).
  • F L A N G E R

    • Param 1 : DELAY TIME
    • Param 2 : FEEDBACK
    • Speed : 0.1 Hz – 6 Hz
    • Tap-Tempo : No
    • Output : Stereo

    • Modelled after the classic analog flanger pedals, this mode brings back the sparkling swirls and exhilirating jet sounds, in stereo!. Set Feedback knob at center position to disable feedback, turn clockwise to get positive (+) feedback, and ant-clockwise to get negative (-) feedback. Depth knob adjusts the sweep range.
  • T R E M O L O

    • Param 1 : WAVE
    • Param 2 : MODE
    • Speed : 1 Hz – 12 Hz
    • Tap-Tempo : Yes
    • Output : Stereo

    • We’ve taken the classic tremolo pedal, and turn it into a versatile tremolo engine with 4 different LFO wave selections that gives you vast sonic possibilities, from subtle amplitude wobbling to square wave chops. You can use an external tap tempo pedal to tap in the tremolo speed. The Tap:Speed ratio is 1:2, so if you tap at 60 bpm the tremolo wave will cycle at 120 bpm. Panner mode ping-pongs the tremolo effect between 2 amps, great stereo effect!

Key Features :

  • Controls : SPEED, DEPTH, M.S.P (mode specific parameters).
  • 1 input and 2 outputs.
  • 4 fixed modes, 2 reconfigurable modes (InfiniTone).
  • External Tap Tempo input.
  • Pre-Loop / Post-Loop switch.
  • Effect / Direct output configuration switch,
  • Built-in FX-Loop for pre-loop / post-loop switching.
  • InfiniTone.USB Software and USB cable included.
  • Dimension : 12 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm.



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