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Specular Reverb is designed to be a reverb pedal with a great standard reverb (SR) sound, plus the capability to have some atmospheric effect added into the SR for extended variety. To enhance this concept further we provide a special parameter unique to each atmosphere, and a dedicated footswitch to activate / deactivate the atmospheric effect, so users can quickly go back and forth between the SR mode and Atmosphere+SR modes. The standard reverb is a room / hall type reverberation.


  • Shimmer - adds crystalline overtones that transform the standard reverb chamber into lush, majestic ambient space. The harmonized decay emulates the presence of multiple strings pads accompanying your instrument.
  • 5th Voice – adds a Perfect-5th interval secondary voice (lower or higher) on top of the late reverberation. The resulting harmony creates unique and haunting atmospheres that is just unreal.
  • Tremble – adds amplitude modulation (tremolo) to the reverb (wet signal). The result is a very interesting pulsating ambience that injects life to the standard reverb sound. With certain playing styles the effect seems to add breathing effect that is vibrant and engaging!

Controls : Blend, Decay, Tone, and a Special Parameter knob which controls an additional parameter unique to each reverb mode.

Key Features:

  • Pristine reverbs in a compact pedal.
  • 3 foot-switchable atmospheric modes.
  • Stereo input and output.
  • Independently optimized algorithms for Mono or Stereo input.
  • Kill Dry – Kill Wet switches (internal).
  • 24-bits signal processing.
  • 100% analog unprocessed (dry) signal path.
  • Reverb tail spillover.



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