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Multi-mode Parametric EQ

Equalisys consists of two separate parametric EQs which can be combined in three different ways: Series, Parallel, and Independent. The capability to combine two EQs in different configurations gives the outmost flexibility in applying EQ for different setups.

Full Parametric Control

Each EQ has a full-parametric control set : FREQ, Q, and GAIN.

FREQ controls the center frequency of the EQ curve (range: 40 Hz up to 8 KHz), Q controls the bandwidth of the EQ curve, and GAIN controls the amount of boost or cut applied (range: -15 dB up to +15 dB). In addition to that we’ve added one very useful control : MASTER, which is basically a master volume control that can be used to compensate for the perceived change in overall volume level as you adjust the main EQ parameters.

Noise and Headroom

Two problems often found in EQ pedals are high noise level and limited headroom (signals easily clipped when applying lots of boost). Equalisys is specially designed to overcome these two problems: power supply voltage is internally boosted resulting in significant leverage in headroom and low-noise circuit topology is employed to minimize noise levels. All this results in a very quiet and well-behaved EQ.

3 Switchable Configurations of Equalisys

Equalisys is the first parametric EQ in a pedal format to employ 2 separate parametric EQ circuits with 3 different switchable configurations, that is, you can configure the 2 EQs in Series, Parallel, or Independent connection. This extraordinary flexibility makes Equalisys a very versatile tone-shaping tool that can help you equalize your sound in many different situations, the possibilities are endless!

  • In SERIES mode, EQ-2 is placed after EQ-1. This gives you a 2-band full-parametric EQ, capable of boosting or cutting at two distinct frequencies.

  • PARALLEL mode is useful for applying different EQ curves to separate amps or FX chains. It is also possible to use Equalisys as a signal splitter using this mode.

  • In INDEPENDENT mode, you essentially have two independent EQ pedals in a box with their own input and output. This is a very versatile mode, some applications are :

  • 1. Two independent EQ for two guitarists.

  • 2. Applying different EQ curves to the outputs of stereo effects.

  • 3. Pre-post EQ. Pre-post EQ is a powerful equalisation technique which allows you to precisely sculpture the tonality of your drive sounds by applying EQ before and after the overdrive or distortion. Pre-Post EQ can be achieved by making use of the two independent EQ section of Equalisys, you don’t need a second EQ pedal!

Key Features:

  • Controls : FREQ, Q, GAIN, MASTER (volume).
  • 2 integrated parametric EQ with separate set of controls.
  • 3 switchable configurations : Series, Parallel, and Independent.
  • Low noise design.
  • Internal supply voltage boost for extended headroom, ensuring optimal signal fidelity.
  • True-Bypass switching.

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