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GFI System

Eigendrive is a unique distortion pedal that tightly integrates a ‘multiple gain-stages core’ with an ‘advanced dual boost system’. The gain-stages, with its associated tone controls, delivers wide ranging drive soundscape, from mellow singing overdrive to thick heavy distortion, and lots in between. We’ve aimed to faithfully emulate the characteristics of a good tube amp, dynamic and articulate, with excellent clarity. Eigendrive also cleans up nicely when you roll off the guitar’s volume knob!

Two separate boosters are built into Eigendrive, one is placed before the gain stages (Pre-drive), and the other after the gain stages (Post-drive).

The pre-drive booster and post-drive booster may be toggled independently or in-sync. The ability to toggle both booster simultaneously (in-sync) with just a footswitch tap is an invaluable feature when you need to quickly get both booster running, or to activate one booster while turning off the other in an instant.

Why two boosters? Pre-drive booster is useful for kicking up the gain to get heavier and more saturated distortion while keeping volume (loudness) intact. Whereas, the post-drive booster amplifies volume without altering the drive character or amount of gain. Such arrangement gives you total control over the various textures and subtleties of drive sounds that you may need.

Main Features:

  • Dynamic, articulate, amp-like overdrive / distortion.
  • 3-Band (Low, Mid, High) tone shaping control.
  • Built-in advanced dual boost system (Pre-drive & Post-drive).
  • Pre-drive and Post-drive booster cab be toggled independently or in-sync.
  • Clean boost or Treble boost mode selection.
  • Post-booster operates independently of the drive channel.
  • Individual bright LEDs for each function give clear indication of pedal’s operation.
  • Low noise design.

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