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GFI System

Controls: TIME (20ms up to 1 second), REPEATS, CONTOUR, LEVEL, BOOST LEVEL.

Foot-switchable Boost – Frequently you find yourself engaging a delay pedal to thicken up your solos, but still longing for some volume kick to help you stand above the rest of the band. You could use a clean boost pedal at the end of the effect chain, but it means adding one more pedal to stomp on…, worry no more, Clockwork is equipped with a foot-switchable booster that provides up to +10 dB of pure unadulterated clean boost, much more than enough to cut through even the noisiest band!

Foot-switchable Modulation – modulation flavors may be added for extended variety of delay sounds. Selection among 4 modulation flavors are made using a combination of 2 push-buttons on the rear panel of the pedal. Vibrato adds dimensions and rich, shimmering movement to the echoes, while Flange adds twist and quirkiness that brings excitement, specially for percussive playing.

Contour – this knob is a secret to the versatility of Clockwork. By controlling the tonal behavior of the delay repeats, it acts as a highly effective voicing control, you can go from straight forward digital delay, warm and musical tape delay, to dark vintage analog delay sounds, all from a single turn of the knob.

Architecture – At the heart of Clockwork is a powerful 24-bit DSP chip, built around a network of analog building blocks (filters and gain structures). The dry signal path never goes through the digital sampler and thus remains purely analog throughout the processing chain. Precise functions and delay time control is provided by a dedicated microcontroller, giving the DSP a free hand at what it does best.

Main Features:

  • Foot-switchable clean volume boost (adjustable up to +10 dB).
  • Foot-switchable modulations (Vibrato and Flange).
  • 20 ms to 1000 ms (1 second) delay time range.
  • Tone shaping control over the repeats achieve versatile delay voicings.
  • Tap Tempo with 3 tap subdivision (1/4-note, 1/8-note, and Dotted-8th).
  • 24-bits signal processing.
  • 100% analog unprocessed (dry) signal path.
  • Delay tail spillover.



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