George Dennis GD-45 Wah-Wah Switch FTB


George Dennis

The George Dennis GD45 FTB Wah-Wah Effects Pedal features true bypass circuitry and has the Hendrix Wah-Wah sound with the addition of dual frequency switching allowing you to sculpture the sound around your tastes and instrument. FTB means failure-free true bypass. Unlike other Wah pedals, the George Dennis Wah-Wah has an extra wide frequency range to accommodate both guitar and bass. This guitar pedal has smooth action and an optical sensor that provides quiet and precise control.


  • foot-controlled wah-wah effect pedal
  • True Bypass circuitry
  • Should you neglect a battery change, your pedal will automatically switch itself to the bypass mode
  • Weak battery LED flashing warning indicator
  • Remarkably low-noise
  • Build-in protection against an accidental incorrect power supply polarity
  • Standard power supply socket
  • Robust and stable 1.5 mm steel enclosure
  • To switch on and off you have to press the front of the pedal (to press the small switch under the rubber bulge)

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