George Dennis GD-290 Chorus-Flanger


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George Dennis

The George Dennis GD290 Chorus Flanger pedal has a terrific sound that invokes a majestic elevated feeling. FTB means failure-free true bypass. This dual effect pedal gives you a rich chorus effect by setting the feedback knob to 0. You can also dial in a beautiful flanging effect by increasing the feedback and decreasing the speed. Advanced features include an optical speed indicator, remarkably low-noise, weak battery indicator LED, standard power supply socket, and build-in protection against an accidental incorrect power supply polarity. Controls include speed, depth, feedback, and effects level.


  • Dual effect pedal
  • Failure-free true bypass
  • Should you neglect a battery change, your pedal will automatically switch itself to the bypass mode
  • Weak battery LED flashing warning indicator
  • Remarkably low-noise
  • Optical speed indicator
  • Build-in protection against an accidental incorrect power supply polarity
  • Standard power supply socket
  • Robust and stable 1.5 mm steel enclosure
  • Speed, depth, feedback, effects level controls

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