George Dennis GD-135 The Tube


George Dennis

The GD135 Tube Distortion-Vlume Pedal from George Dennis uses a totally different system than other distortion effects. Its 12AX7/7025 tube is fully powered, giving you a wide range of distortions that evoke an overdriven tube amp while preserving the native sound of your instrument. Controls include low, mid, and EQ knobs; effect level, drive, effect mode, and volume for tons of tweakability. Unit is powered by a stabilized AC power supply or 9VDC with a minimum of 150mA (adapter not included). Unit is protected if you plug in a supply with reversed polarity.


  • Uses a fully powered 12AX7/7025 tube
  • Range from warm bluesy distortion to heavy crunch
  • Controls: low, mid, and high tone controls, effect level, drive, effect mode, and volume
  • Protected from reversed polarity supply
  • Rugged construction

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