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The Gaspedals Fuzebox melds the best of silicon and germanium transistors utilizing the benefits of each in one pedal. People often ask me why they have trouble getting a good Hendrix tone from their fuzzface. Although its true he had some good fuzzfaces one of the main factors to his tone is that the pedal was running into a cooking 100 Marshall Superlead. With the Fuzebox I tried to get some of that added gain and compression into the tone.

There is a volume pot and a toggle switch to bring the gain level down and alter the bias to get more of Jimi's jangly fuzz tone which approaches a bright overdrive. The pedal has a quieter noise level than a lot of other fuzzface designs. This pedal does not take a battery, it has a standard negative tip 9v DC supply and will work with a standard 9v wall wort or pedal power unit. If you really want to use a battery you can get a little connector from the battery to the plug on the outside of the box.

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