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Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It is an ever growing epidemic in our community and though many researchers have been baffled by this crippling disease of the mind, nothing has been done about it, that is until now. Gaspedals is proud to introduce our first offering to ease the anguish and anxiety of G.A.S.

The Gaspedals Carburetor (Carb) is for those of you who prefer a tight bottom end - insert innuendo here. The pedal was designed to give you the sweet and crunchy gain of a set of EL34's being pushed into breakup. As a clean boost or knobs on eleven, it's got all the tone and dynamics of a vintage tube amp.

All new Carbs feature true-bypass switching, a DC power jack and a battery drawer so you don't have to unscrew the back. There are controls for volume, gain and a toggle switch to select between normal / bass boost / high cut. There is also an internal trimmer to set the max gain level and offer further tonal colors. When you first plug in the Carb you will probably notice an increase in clarity, presence and dynamics, this is no accident and no joke. Take it for a spin and you'll see what I mean.

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