Garland FX Dos Armas - Combo Drive


Garland FX

All the tweedy tubey break up you need, plus a clean boost to boot. Get your kicks with the vibes of 50's and 60's "So-Cal" garage rock when you choose the Dos Armas for your tonal showdowns. The Drive side is full of chewy mids and fuzz-tinged crunch, with the capability to roll it back for smokey boost sounds - or cut the gain knob completely with the Gain Bypass toggle - and get a little fuzzier output! The Boost portion is clean but still cuts through - Pat describes the tone as 'full of warmth but still being heard with natural presence that you will miss once you turn it off. '. Combine or use each side on their own to create both vintage and modern sounds for Blues, Rock, Country, or just about anything. With its genuine Fender tweed covering, your pedal-board will be the talk of the gig. Try it on Bass too!

  • Vintage Drive + Boost for Guitar and Bass
  • Unity +5db of Boost (+10db after gain pedals)
  • True Bypass foot-switch wiring
  • Point-to-point, hand-built circuit assembly
  • Hand-picked components
  • Genuine Fender tweed tolex covering 
  • 9vDC or Battery power
  • VOLUME, GAIN, BOOST controls
  • Gain Bypass toggle-switch
  • Includes Storage Box, Sticker, Picks, and Manual


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