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Bi-Metal is a 2 channel all tube preamp/pedal. Two 12AX7 tubes (4 triode sections) are able to produce anything form mild overdrive to fully saturated high gain sounds. The tubes are running at high voltages above 300V. No starved plates here!

Other features of Bi-Metal are:

  • All-tube sound
  • Each channel has it's own individual controls for Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Volume
  • Each channel has a Drive button which decreases the gain (switching one triode section out of the signal path) enabling mild overdrive to crunch sounds
  • FET output buffer (can be omitted upon request)
  • Cabinet simulator (on the Ring end of the TRS output jack)
  • Different box colors represent different schematics and hence different tone
  • The green channel is usually more midrangey whereas the red channel is more scooped (reversible upon request)
  • Specially designed high voltage, low noise switching power supply for normal high voltage tube operation
  • 12 VDC regulated power supply required for operating the preamp
  • Dimensions: 119x94x45mm (1590BB)

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