Gallien-Krueger Diesel Dawg


  • Gain
  • Treble (Edge)
  • Middle
  • Bass (Bottom)
  • Volume


Gallien-Krueger (2004-2008)

GK's first foot pedal! Circuitry from the 2001RB high gain channel provides the foundation upon which this pedal is based. It is the only distortion/sustain pedal created specifically for bass and the one one designed and manufactured by a bass amp company.

It features Gain, Bass, Mid, and Treble (Edge) input controls, and output level controls. It has a rugged aluminum and steel casing, and is powered by a 9V battery (included) or a 9V wall supply (not included). It will give any bass a great sustain sound, and one approaching that of the ultimate 2001RB when used with other GK heads. These sounds are being used more and more by bassists. The Diesel Dawg offers them an affordable way to add high-quality distortion and sustain to any rig.

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