G2D Custom Overdrive


  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Solo
  • Drive
  • Bypass
  • Blues/Solo


also known as the G2D Two Tone

G2D (2005)

The G2D Custom is a two stage overdrive pedal with a howlin Texas Blues channel and a singing vocal Solo channel.

How is this possible...? The secret is in the design of the TONE control, which sweeps from the warmest vocal tone, to the meanest rock sound. It doesnt matter what size your amp is, the G2D Custom pedal will make it sound impressive.

20 years of experience in playing, recording and designing Guitar Amps, Pre-Amps and Pedals has gone into the G2D pedal, our emphasis was on preservating the guitars natural tone no matter what type of pickup you use or what pickup position you play on.


So you like the look of the G2D Cream-Tone, but you need more drive for soloing, then look no further.

We believe that the Custom Overdrive is one of the most versatile pedals on the market today. It doesn't matter what size your amp is, the G2D "Custom Overdrive" pedal will make it sound impressive.


  • The Custom Overdrive is a two channel pedal with true bypass and Solo boost.
  • The Blues/Solo switch steps you from a mild "Blues" channel to a boosted "Solo" channel with more
  • drive and more volume, so you don't have to rely on the sound guy to lift your solos.
  • Volume sets the balance between your clean sound and the pedals sound.
  • Tone sweeps from a warm vocal tone, to a full on rock sound.
  • Solo set the amount of volume boost and adds extra drive for soloing.
  • Drive ranges from a mild Blues tone to a singing Solo tone.
  • Green light on, in Bypass mode (clean).
  • Blue light on, in Blues mode.
  • Red light on, in Solo mode.

A bit of history... The Custom Overdrive was our first two channel pedal. It was originally called the "G2D", then renamed to the "Standard" and now the "Custom Overdrive". The look as changed three times and tone circuit has been updated to the latest design, but the rest of the circuit has remained the same.

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