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Apiformis Fuzztortion is a pedal that is quite unlike it’s original idol. In it’s heart, it is a dark low medium gain fuzz/distortion that has delusions of grandeur about being an overdrive. And it is doing all that with vintage-like touch, from doomy dark to brightly overdriven, distorted fuzz with vintage, medium sustain.

Apiformis has three controls for tuning the tone to your preferences:

  • FEED: Controls the load on the input (impedance). From dark, low saturation (0) to medium fuzz (5) and finally full sustained distortion-like fuzz (10). Lower settings can lead to oscillation, which is a feature.

  • TREBLE: Controls amount of higher frequencies boost on the tone. From dark, nearly muddy (0) to open higher mids (5) and finally to fully boosted top end (10).

  • LEVEL: Controls the output level of the effect. Level at zeron means that there is no signal passing through. Unity level with bypassed signal comes in with knob on ~11 o’clock. There is plenty of room for overdriving your amp with higher settings of Level control.

Notes: You will get some levels of noise when all the controls are maxed. And please, always run the pedal with a fresh battery or regulated power supply. Voltages under 7,5V (which means that the battery is running low) will result in muddy, dull sound.

  • Suitable for guitar and bass
  • Bypass: True Bypass design to prevent tone sucking
  • Power: 9V battery, or industry standard negative tip 2,1mm regulated power supply (not included, can be run with 9V – 12V)
  • Current consumption: ~ < 4mA
  • Quantity made: 9, Hand crafted and painted. Numbered edition.
  • Painted by artist Suvi Aarnio, all nine are different from each other.
  • Release date: 4.11.2012
  • Idol: Roland AF-100 “BeeBaa”

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