FXdoctor Ducky Envelope Filter



  • Sensitivity
    controls how the filter responds to the input signal.
  • Attack Time
    controls the attack time.
  • Range
    controls the width of the range in which the filter moves.
  • Decay Rate
  • Up/Down
    selects the direction in which the filter moves.



This is the long awaited Ducky Filter that I've been working on for quite a while. Envelope filters make a wah sound that reacts to how hard the strings are struck. Lots of features on this thing to keep you busy for hours. Works great with distortion as well. This one has sensitivity, attack, and range knobs as well as a decay rate switch and a filter up/down switch. One LED is for on/off, the other is for input level. It's true bypass and has an AC adapter jack in the back. Comes in two different paint options, reliced flame as shown, or just a normal green rectangle on top.

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