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The GREY STACHE PLUS is the big brother of our GREY STACHE and is based upon the GGG-tuned and Civil War versions of the EHX Big Muff Pi. We have done a multitude of modifications to the circuit to make it sound full and present in the mix for both guitarists as well as bassists! The tone stack features the ability to keep the unit at "stock" (scooped mids) or boost the mids (important for bassists to punch through in the mix). Housed in larger 1790-sized chassis, this monster now boasts a tasty gain boost (middle footswitch) and a gate (left footswitch)!

  • True bypass
  • "Boss"-style power
  • Hand-painted (Emerald green enclosure)
  • Built to order just for YOU
  • Gain boost on footswitch
  • Gate on footswitch
  • Versatile tone stack
  • Clipping options on toggle
  • Oscillation on toggle (does not activate in gain boost, but you'll be able to feedback...don't worry)
  • Bright green, orange, and red LEDs

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