Electro-Faustus / Fuzzrocious Greyfly


Fuzzrocious + Electro-Faustus = GREYFLY

Very excited to announce our first ever device collaboration!

The Greyfly combines the heart of the Blackly with the meat of the Grey Stache. When set to "BUZZ," you can play the Blackfly section as you normally would and when the footswitch is activated, you can pass signal through the Grey Stache fuzz section. When set to "FUZZ," you can use your instrument to drive the Grey Stache portion. The fuzz can be bypassed when the footswitch is off allowing your instrument's signal to pass to your other pedals or amp.

Pre-order information: The Greyfly will retail at $300 and can be purchased from the Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus websites.

Orders will ship the week of July 3-8, if ordered on or before July 8. There are limited numbers available (50 units), so act FAST!

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