Fuzzrocious Dark Driving


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DARK DRIVING is our third full-production pedal which is based upon the BJFE Honey Bee and Blue Berry Bass OD with multiple modifications, bells and whistles, and mojo galore!

One external volume knob. Two internal trimpots set for maximum gain and most bass response.

Fuzzrocious Pedals

DARK DRIVING is a dark, low gain overdrive based upon the BJFE Blue Berry Bass OD and Honey Bee OD. The trimmers are set at stock for the most amount of bass repsonse and gain. There is NO low end or mids loss with this pedal! There is a treble roll off, creating a "dark overdrive." You can tweak the internal trimmers to taste, close the box back up, and go about your business. The only knob you have to worry about is the external volume knob! Perfect for an "always on" OD!

  • True bypass
  • "Boss"-style power
  • Hand-painted (black SPARKLE enclosure w/ different color planet and ring on each pedal)
  • Built to order just for YOU
  • External volume; internal trimmers - SET AND FORGET!
  • Bright violet LED

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