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The CAT KING is the souped-up version of the CAT TAIL. The idea behind this monster is to save some board space by kicking a couple of other pedals off of your board!

This is three pedals in one: a CAT TAIL, a second CAT TAIL distortion setting (through the 2nd distortion setting), and a momentary feedback loop. The middle footswitch lets you jump between 2 distortion settings (ex. – low gain/high gain) and it has an LED indicator so you know the 2nd setting is active. The momentary feedback loop is adjustable (we can make this latching for you noise junkies out there). The diode knob (Di) blends between LEDs and silicon diodes AND you can use the toggle to bypass the diodes (great for bassists or for a more ‘open’ sound). The double resistor mod found on the CAT TAIL is also included to allow you to fine tune your sound and control how the circuit clips by clipping more on just the highs, just the lows, or anything in between.

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