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According to Roger A. (owner of 3 music schools and Fender Custom Shop demo guy), all of the losers who follow Fuzzrocious Pedals are a "Broke Dick Peanut Gallery." What better way to show some love for our friends, who were put down unjustly by Mr. Atlas, than to create a pedal to honor them!

Other than the Tronographic Rusty Box, preamps are glorified EQs and not many have any "dirt" on tap. With that in mind, the BDPG is not your ordinary preamp...With a pregain/drive section (left knob), the user can go from a tiny drive to a full-bore grind. The volume knob (middle) regulates your volume, duh. The tone knob (right) dials in your tone with a tone stack picked by me for the "best" sound. The tone section is capable of pulling dubby/reggae/no treble tones fully clockwise, nasty metal/grind tone fully counter-clockwise, and everything else in between making for one VERSATILE preamp. It even sounds great with a dirt/boost in front of it...HELL, TWO BDPGs sound great together!!!

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