Fuzzrocious Pedals


    Fuzzrocious Pedals is a small company created and run by Ryan Ratajski, and his wife Shannon. Ryan does the building and design while Shannon does all of the hand painting.

    They are located in Mount Laurel, NJ, about 30 minutes from Philadelphia, PA (USA).

    Timeline (by Ryan Ratajski)

    Around three years ago (2008), I made my first pedal with my dad. Over the next eightish months, I built about 50 pedals for friends and dudes in bands.

    I took some time off to recollect my thoughts and focus on singular pedal ideas, rather than build kits from GGG. At about the year and a half mark, I contacted Torchy to use his BMP clone layout as a building block, received permission, and started making the Grey Stache. It's been up and up from there! Brian at smallsound/bigsound created some PCBs for us which are a dream to build on!




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