FuzzHugger(fx) Velcrobot


Extreme velcrofuzz explosion. Amazingly textured, crud-pumping FUZZ. From full-on in-your-face, to zippy, to super-filtered over-the-phone fuzz.

The first thing this does is one-up the low-sustain velcrofuzzes by letting you sustain that crunchy, ripping fuzz as long as you want and still get a satisfying, ripping closure at the end. Of course, you can also gate it a little or a lot! To satisfying pop-in to total crapout.

Next, there's a little toggle that lets you choose between crazy and crazier. Toggling brings in another layer of zip & rip! Like taking an electrified cheese grater, covered in velcro, to the face. Lots of heavily-filtered settings in this mode, too. Things get robotic, an alien fuzz language coming over the intercom, then fuzz like it's coming over the telephone.

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