FuzzHugger(fx) Squelch Master


The Squelch Master is a specialized fuzz that I originally designed for just myself, but it's too badass not to offer to everyone!

It's a full, bassy, responsive fuzz that gives you the feel of a gated fuzz while retaining full attack and as much sustain as you want...get some badass squeals in-between stops, all with controllable and articulate fuzz. It's the best of both worlds, and very rock and roll.  

Say huh? The Squelch Master sounds gated--but it's not. It has a variable squeal, squelch, or gate-closing-effect when you stop playing. But your attack--and sustain--is fully in tact! It has the crazy feel of an oscillating fuzz, with madness underneath your notes...but 99% of its settings do NOT self-oscillate! In fact, it's impressively low noise.

Roll back on your guitar's Vol knob for self-osc, octave down, and some self-arp.


  • Drive: Increases drive and gain. The last little turn makes the fuzz go scrambly. (May respond differently with different pickups--if you start to get unwanted self-oscillation, back Drive off a bit)

  • Squelch: Use this knob along with the Drive knob to adjust the character of the squelch and pitch of the squeals you want.

  • Level: Your master Volume control.

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