FuzzHugger(fx) Phantom Octave


FuzzHugger(fx) press release (Mansfield, January 19, 2010)

FuzzHugger(fx) has released a new octave pedal that delivers everything from huge octave down, octave up, and ring mod tones! All in a single knob pedal at a low price.

No controls--the controls at your fingertips! The Phantom Octave is extremely interactive with your pickup selection and your guitar's Tone control. The pedal offers different results with every pickup selection, and you can set the intensity and flavor of the effect by using your guitar's Tone knob as a Blend control! Also, unlike most analog octave down pedals, the Phantom Octave has several chord-friendly settings.


  • Interacts with your pickups and guitar's Tone knob!
  • Fully analog!
  • Blue LED that reacts to your playing.
  • Gem button LED.
  • True-bypass switching.
  • 9v - tip adapter power.
  • Enclosure measures 4.7" X 2.7"

Price: $79.00

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