FuzzHugger(fx) Magic Meter


  • Level
  • Treb
  • Mids
  • Bass
  • Clip 2
  • Gain 2
  • Clip 1
  • Gain 1
  • (toggle)



This is a pedal I've dreamed of for a long time! The result goes above and beyond my wildest hopes for the design.

The FuzzHugger Overdrive you've been waiting for? Here.

The boost, the EQ pedal, the frequency multiplier you've been waiting for? Here! (Oh, you didn't ask for a frequency multiplier?)


  • Pre-Gain
  • Pre-Clipping
  • Post-Gain
  • Post-Clipping
  • Treble
  • Mids
  • Bass
  • Level
  • Charge Toggle


  • Fully tweakable input and output gain stages, clipping stages for both, active EQ for boosting and cutting. Low noise op-amps throughout.
  • OVERDRIVE of all flavors, from open and hairy to compressed and clipped!
  • Pre-, Post-Clipping, and Gain knobs can deliver all the way to full CLEAN BOOST.
  • Active Bass, Mid, Treble for potent EQing...insane shaping ability (even acoustic-like tones!).
  • And FUZZ!
  • The Charge Toggle activates a frequency multiplier circuit that sounds like magically shooting electricity from your fingers while playing guitar. Single notes are fuzzy, chords get clangy and cutting in a nasty way that stacks great.

Design: Peter M., FuzzHugger employee of the year.

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