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Dual boost loop. Pedal Awakener.

The FH(fx) Hugger has two toggle-switchable boost circuits and a toggle-switchable true bypass loop in between them! The unique switching and signal path options make it a multi-use, multi-function effects tool!

The pedal was created by Tom Dalton of FuzzHugger, and developed with Mellowtone, who built the first prototype. The result is a truly unique multi-function dual boost. The first of its kind!

Run it as...

  • A single-stage boost.
  • A dual-stage boost (with boost and master controls).
  • A true bypass loop with pre-boost and/or post-boost!
  • A true bypass loop!
  • A pedal awakener! Put a pedal in the loop─drive its input and/or adjust its output volume without changing its tone (fix a pedal's volume drop!).
  • Two separately placed boosts. Put a few pedals (or all your pedals!) in the loop and use it like two separate boost pedals─choose the location of both boosts!
  • Module hugger─use modules like the Mellowtone Fat Sound in the loop. Turn your Hugger into whatever type of module you put in the loop. Or stack several in different orders to create new effects textures!

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