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FuzzHugger(fx) Releases the Chalice Fuzz Pedal!

Mansfield, March 3, 2010

FuzzHugger(fx) has released the Chalice, responding to demand for a non-oscillating version of their best-selling AB-Synth fuzz! At its heart, the Chalice is a high-gain, texturally complex, harmonic fuzz. In addition to delivering all of the AB-Synth's fuzz tones, the Chalice adds a Gain control for an amazing amount of additional textures and responses.

The Chalice circuit began in the AB-Synth and the now-discontinued 1134 Fuzz pedals, and thanks to the Chalice's versatile controls, it delivers all of the fuzz tones found in each. Despite being FuzzHugger's signature high-gain fuzz, the pedal can be cleaned up with the Gain control to provide lower gain drives, gated fuzz tones, and more!


  • Gain, Fuzz, Voltage, and Level controls.
  • Gem button LED.
  • True-bypass switching.
  • 9v - tip adapter power.
  • Enclosure measures 4.7" X 3.7"
  • Lifetime warranty!

Price: $119.00

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