FuzzHugger(fx) Arc Flash



The Arc Flash is a ultra versatile box that's bursting with charged-up electric goodness. Its unique germanium diode+LED clipper arrangement allows you to summon everything from surprisingly clean drives, to transparent overdrives, to cutting distortion, to huge-bottom muffy fuzz, to scrambled, imploding waves of overcharged fuzz!

Amazing shape-shifting range, very intuitive controls, all in a tiny electrical enclosure!

The Controls!

  • Gain/Charge: Major range! Controls the style and amount of gain. Mode two changes the sweep of the Gain control, increasing gain, sharpness, and nastiness.
  • Level: Your master volume control...with a huge amount of available volume!
  • Mode: Switches between the pedal's two modes, switching both diodes and the sweep of the Gain control. Mode One does surprisingly clean overdrives, to huge, thick fuzz! Mode Two delivers a big gain increase, from sharp distortions to absolute waves of scrambled fuzz, complete with stuttering single notes.

High gain, very overdriven! Recommended for humbuckers or single-coils in hum- cancelling mode.

Notes from Tom Dalton...
The Arc Flash goes both cleaner and freakier than any non-oscillating FuzzHugger(fx) pedal. Not only a sick unit for its versatility, the pedal does it up big, with unique textures! The overdrives will surprise you with their transparency. Turn up the gain, and things get surprisingly HUGE! Where other FuzzHugger(fx) wow with their harmonic tones, the Arc Flash can be set to deliver some of the stranger Jack White-esque tones, from having a slightly grindier edge, to blurring the lines between nasty/freaky and sweet/toneful...and between cutting and muffy. And completely cranked, it's exploding with energy!

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