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The Algal Bloom is a harmonically rich, wide-range fuzz! From mellow to gritty overdrives, to "just right" thickness, to mind-altering harmonic fuzz tones! An open tone with a full body...fantastic definition and note-separation. Unique interactive controls allow you to alter the response and texture of the fuzz. Surging fuzz textures, all the way up to a throaty roar!

The pedal draws from some unconventional fuzz-making components, including a huge gain stage! Created by Tom Dalton of FuzzHugger(fx), the circuit design then received valuable input offered by Mellowtone.

Tom says: "The pedal has a unique sound and circuit, but also expands on some classic tones that I think fuzz enthusiasts will love. Excellent note separation and definition even on high gain settings. The controls are interactive with each other, allowing for more subtle adjustments in texture and response. There's a lot of ground to cover in this pedal!"

The Controls!

  • Gain: Adjusts the amount of signal that reaches the heart of the pedal. As you back it off, things get a bit cleaner but also gain a hint of sputter and fizzle. Hard right is full-on!
  • Bloom (Gain): A huge, searing gain control that expands and pushes your fuzz tone, adding heaps of gain, sustain, and definition. Hard right is maxed out...a unique, throaty, brash-yet-full tone! 12 o'clock is its "home setting," for thick fuzz tone!
  • Starve (Texture): Limits the amount of power that reaches the circuit, creating some beautifully sick fuzz textures that mimic a dying battery (slight scratch as circuit rebiases).
  • Level: your master volume control!



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