FuzzHugger(fx) AB-Synth Dream


The AB-Synth Dream is one of the craziest and most versatile designs to come from FuzzHugger Effects! It starts with the full five-knob AB-Synth, adds a Voice toggle (for a whole new side to the oscillation mode, as well as more bass response), AND an independently-switchable third mode in front of it--FuzzHugger's Phantom Octave!

The AB-Synth is a harmonic-blasting, liquidy, light-sabery, layered fuzz--with tone-shaping Fuzz and Texture controls that take you from smooth and searing to splattery! From there, add a mind-altering second mode with wild oscillation, whale calls, blips, self- arpeggiation, more synth tones, and fat octave down! ...but don't stop there! The AB-Synth Dream adds a fifth-knob, giving you full control over gain and clean-up! You can also use it to "gate" the oscillation. Super versatile in both modes!

The Phantom Octave side can be run by itself or into the AB-Synth, bringing an incredibly amount of added tones--from octave down to fuzz-glitch ring mod tones, to smooth fuzz (all by adjusting your guitar's Tone controls!). Highly interactive with your pickups and guitar's Tone control.

The Controls!

  • Gain: Reduces gain and fuzz! Majorly cleans things up, allows for some sputtery tones, and lets you gate/adjust the oscillation.
  • Fuzz: This control takes you from high-gain to higher, while increasing focus and sizzle! Harmonic open fuzz, to overfuzzed, compressed, sizzling synth!
  • Texture: Lets you control the texture and response of the fuzz. Hard left is gainier, and hard right is looser. Lots of tones and responses to dial in! (slight scratch as circuit rebiases).
  • Level: Your master volume control...with a huge amount of available volume! 2nd Footswitch: Oscillation mode on/off (operates independently from on/off footswitch).
  • Trip: In Oscillation mode, this knob is your main oscillation control.

In Oscillation mode, Gain, Fuzz, and Texture controls become additional oscillation tuners with the Trip knob being your main oscillation flavor control. For synth bass, roll back on your guitar's volume knob! The oscillation mode requires passive pickups.

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