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Fuzz Goddess

Originally this circuit was designed based around another name I can not say... well, let's say it was based around boutique HYPE.

The pedal was going to be a practical joke.  At the time I was starting up my second pedal business (Fuzz Goddess is actually number three) and I was creating very cheap effects that people complained about not being as fancy as the more notable and pricey boutique builders out there.

I was going to create a fake company name and sell the original incarnation of this pedal separately.  It was going to have fancy screen printed graphics, cream colored knobs (which were all the rage at the time), and my intention was to infiltrate the snobby cork sniffing doctors and lawyers who wouldn't normally give my pedals the time of day.

Instead, in the process of creating a fuzz that would be perfect for the uppity crowd always looking for the next authentic Tube Screamer or Big Muff, I accidentally made a circuit that would soon be known as the "Big Muff Killer" (not my words... I might be pompous at times, but I'm not THAT pompous).

.... and while this circuit definitely has the ability to emulate some of the more sweet spots of various Big Muffs, it really stands out on its own as you increase the Amplitude control.

This circuit also has the honor of being the first one of my designs to be outright stolen by another pedal company (who then went on to not only lie about the theft, but also they went out of their way to make sure I couldn't sell my pedals in any of the retailers that sold theirs).

While I would definitely say this is one of the circuits I have designed that I am most proud of, since it bridges the gap between classic and wild fuzz sounds, it's surprisingly one of the few pedals that has landed on the pedal boards of notable guitarists.  The exception of course being My Bloody Valentine, who at the time bought one of every pedal I manufactured. :3

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