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God Box FX and I combined efforts to develop my signature fuzz pedal… the Fuzz Fatale. I wanted a fuzz pedal that could give me some of the classic Germanium fuzz tones that I love and use but that would remain stable enough for the purposes of touring or gigging. Additionally, I wanted to have the ability to tweak the fuzz for more experimental fuzz tones. After many weeks and emails and God Box’s guru, Carl’s blood sweat and tears, we finally have it!

The Fuzz Fatale is a Silicon based fuzz that is able to be tweaked to give you crunchy, gritty germanium fuzz tones. The Fatale can easily be dialed in to give you classic fuzz tones… from a Tonebender to a Fuzz Face to a Superfuzz to a Big Muff. You can also get some searing overdrive and crisp distortion as well as some mosquito fuzz tones and sputtering, dying battery tones. It’s a lot like Prego…. it’s in there.

The run will be limited to  50 of these specially designed Fuzz Fatales. Each one will be painstakingly hand wired point to point by Carl at God Box. Each pedal will be numbered and signed by me and will come with a limited FBG picture that will be personally autographed to the purchaser, along with some custom FBG guitar picks, stickers and a few other pieces of swag :)

Super Simple Controls:

  • SEDUCE: When roses & wine just aren’t enough! This voltage sag emulates a dying battery, allowing you to dial in sputtering, gating, zipper sounds, or more subtle shades of fuzz. Can take a 9v battery down to a 4v battery and the LED will dim to show you how much you are starving it!

  • FUZZ: Everything from a landing strip to a Brazillian, this fuzz control gives you more of what you want.

  • TONE: Make her scream & moan! 6 position tone control dials in the perfect combination of low end growl and gain. It’s tone without the tone sucking tone stack.

  • VOLUME: For quiet conversation or verbal abuse.

  • DESTROY: drops silicon distortion diodes into the circuit. For when TOO MUCH is just enough, this toggle adds more of what you like and nothing else. It’s a FATALE!

It is also important to note that the Fuzz Fatale is EXTREMELY responsive to the volume and tone knobs on your guitar. All of the suggested settings included with the pedal were dialed in with the volume rolled back slightly and the tone rolled back about half.  Obviously, settings may need to be tweaked to compliment your rig, but at least you will have a good starting point.

There are two secrets to dialing in the perfect tone with the Fuzz Fatale:

  1. The Seduce knob is KEY. Turn it up just a tiny bit to start to achieve classic germanium type fuzz tones. Mess around with it to find the sweet spot

  2. Rolling back slightly on the guitar volume knob will really allow the fuzz to soar!


  • Silicon based  high gain fuzz
  • 2 matched Silicon transistors
  • Custom FBG graphics
  • Hand wired
  • Hand numbered and Signed
  • Top mounted input/ output
  • 9 volt power jack
  • True Bypass
  • 1 yr God Box “no questions asked” warranty for original owner

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