Funky Munk Delica Octave


Funky Munk

Based on the famed octave pedal that Hendrix and Jeff Beck made so popular, but with the added feature of an extra fuzz to drive the octave. We thought 2 pedals in 1 would be best for this type of application and hundreds of R&D was involved to get the octave just right, and for it to have those Odd Harmonic Overtones that made the original so great.

The octave can be shut off via the Pre-Gain push/pull pot giving you infinite options and configurations. With the ability to have 2 separate fuzz pedals, a Fuzz and Octave, as well as a Slight Overdrive on the Fuzz side via using the step rotary filter to fine tune the frequency range. With the added Pre-Gain control, it allows to fine tune and set those "Half Cocked" guitar volume settings that make the Octave so musical, at any setting be it high or low gain. The Fuzz side has a 6 position rotary control to attenuate or decrease the amount of bass frequencies that are present in the signal. The Octave side will give you anywhere from full out raunchy octave/fuzz to a nice musical almost ring modulator type sound, with harmonics jumping out in every direction. What makes this pedal so great is you don't have to just use one neck pickup config, you can use any pickup and the octave will give you those great "Band of Gypsies" sounds we all know and love.

Optional signal buffer can be added by request to drive long cable runs to compensate for signal loss when the pedal is On or Off. Both sides are bypassable via Click-less Relay Bypassing. The power gets doubled to 18v internally to give the Octave that famous high headroom that the original had when Hendrix used one for that famous new years show we all know and love. Separate In/Out jacks can be added to provide remote access for any remote switching devices (CAE, Voodoo Labs etc.).

Runs on a Standard 9vDC Center negative Power Supply (included).

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