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Function f(x) hits the market with the Clusterfuzz, a unique and versatile fuzz pedal with searing tones and a bold look.

Elk Grove Village, IL — January 1, 2015 — Effect pedal manufacturer Function f(x) LLC today announced the launch of the Clusterfuzz, the company's inaugural product. Featuring a wide array of tone-shaping controls, the Clusterfuzz serves up gain ranging from medium overdrive to square-wave fuzz and is very reactive to adjustments of a guitar's volume knob. The Clusterfuzz is a new design that utilizes modern components for consistent performance and a long operational life. There is no pixie dust inside the Clusterfuzz, just great tone supported by solid circuit design.

Designed for guitarists who demand maximum flexibility from their dirt boxes, the Clusterfuzz offers a unique set of control knobs for the gain enthusiast: Volume, Tone (high-cut), Fuzz , 8-bit (fuzz threshold), and a clipping diode selector that offers five distinct levels of compression and sustain. Additionally, the Clusterfuzz features a Filter toggle switch that is a variable low-pass filter on the pedal's input. To avoid the all-too-familiar switching noise and help reduce loud pops, the Clusterfuzz sports a relay-based bypass switching system that Function f(x) developed in-house.

Clusterfuzz features at a glance:

  • Wide variety of tonal options from five knobs and a toggle switch
  • Five diode clipping options: four sets of diodes with distinct levels of compression plus a "diode lift" mode for maximum headroom and touch sensitivity
  • Gain "clean up" via the guitar's volume control
  • Relay-based bypass switching system for click-free switching
  • Powder-coated and laser-etched aluminum enclosure for great looks and durability
  • Operates on +9V DC center-negative power, the industry standard

A bold new fuzz designed to work across multiple gear platforms.

Introducing the Clusterfuzz!! A tweaker’s delight; capable of delivering medium-gain overdrive up to raunchy square fuzz tones. Unlike finicky vintage fuzz boxes (or their slavish clones with drifting bias and loose tolerances), the Clusterfuzz operates consistently and reliably by utlizling modern components and proper bias. In fact, the Clusterfuzz is not patterned after any existing classic or modern “boutique” fuzz pedal. It has its own flair and unique set of controls. 

The Clusterfuzz delivers sounds that cut through the mix, with its multiple tone shaping and clipping options. Whether you are seeking a more refined fuzz or a “wall of guitar” sound, the Clusterfuzz will satisfy those in need a great fuzz sound with a lot of added tone flexibility.

  • Five clipping options for different saturation levels
  • (no diode clipping, LED, FET transistors, and two silicon options)
  • A Filter switch for a second voicing
  • Volume, Tone and Fuzz knobs
  • An “8-Bit” knob to dial in gated fuzz sounds
  • Soft touch bypass
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Laser-etched artwork
  • 9v DC operation
  • 30mA current draw (10mA when bypassed)

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