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About 15 years ago Robin Trower called and asked me if I would make him a pedal that achieved a "parked wah" sound, which is usually created by turning on a wah wah and finding that special spot where the Midrange is singing with feedback...a technique made famous by Michael Schenker and Jimmy Page.. I said Yes, said I could call it a WahFull, made one for him, and never thought about it again until years later when I started getting emails..1-3 per day asking if I was going to ever release it. 

Recently I made a second one for Joe Satriani, and then sat down and added some very useful and cool features:

  • Small footprint, only 4" x 4.5" with top-mounted jacks.
  • Rotary switch to access 3 modes of wah range: Wacked, Jimi, and Shaft.
  • External foot control jack....connect to any standard expression pedal for traditional wah wah operation.
  • Fulltone exclusive new "Enhanced Bypass"..with no "pop" when switching and bypassed-tone so rich you will never again ask for true-bypass nor accept the tone loss of traditional buffered-bypass pedals.
  • JFET buffer on circuit INPUT offering an astounding 2 mega-ohm input impedance, zero interference to and from other pedals!
  • JFET buffered output offering zero interference to other pedals, perfect operation with even the highest gain amplifiers, and the ability to drive long runs of cable without tone-loss.

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