Full Custom Music Kraken - Discrete Class-A Overdive


Full Custom Music

Not just another TS-9 Clone, the Kraken™ Overdriver from Full Custom Music™ is an all Discrete Class-A Preamp/Overdrive. With a cascade gain stage that goes from calm seas to full fury of Poseidon. Also features active Bass and Treble controls, which is much more flexible than a standard passive tone control.

These pedals are made at our shop in Central Pennsylvania from the highest quality parts that we can find without breaking the bank. We do Not use electrolytic capacitors, IC op-amps or diode clipping in our Kraken™ Overdriver.

This pedal works equally great for guitar or bass.

Comes in two striking finishes Hazard County or Tuxedo.

Full Custom Music

Here it is! Full Custom Music Repair's first pedal. The "Kraken"! Guarantied the best sea monster themed overdrive pedal you have ever heard. Forget 11, our gain control goes from calm seas to the full fury of Poseidon. Whether you need a clean boost, blues overdrive or something a bit heavier in sound, the Kraken has you covered. The Kraken has a very amp-like feel and thanks to the use of an all Class-A Discrete Transistor design. It will even clean up when you roll down your guitar volume. The active bass and treble controls offer much more flexibility than a single tone control.

But wait, there's more! We are offering two stylish finishes, Tuxedo and Hazard County. Our goal with this pedal was to design a pedal with the boutique tone of some of our best custom built amps, but with a price accessible to everyone. I believe we have met and exceeded that goal. The Kraken Overdriver is made at our shop in Central Pennsylvania. All Full Custom Music products come with a one year replace warranty.

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