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It seems for many years, most guitar compressors have simply been repackaged versions of the same old Dan Armstrong Orange Crush circuit from the '60s! Original Ross and Dan Armstrong compressors are about impossible to find and VERY expensive. While they certainly got the job done, audio circuit design and parts quality has advanced over the years, and there are much better ways to make a compact, great sounding compressor. In additional to using a simple signal path, and audio chips selected for tone, our design uses an actual photocell, just like studio compressors. A unique dual polar power supply means a very wide and distortion-free clean signal swing, no coupling capacitors (and their sonic loses) in the signal path either! The Royal Plush can provide a clean colorless boost, as well as providing a warm smooth compression, free of pumping or unnatural artifacts. True hard wire bypass and premium parts throughout. Volume and bias (compression) controls allow you to set your compression from a soft limiting effect to an extremely compressed output, at unity or boosted levels.

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