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Fuchs Audio

Finally: A tube digital delay that sounds, feels and thinks it's a tape delay!

Andy's objective was very simple: To create a delay that delivered the warmth and musicality of tape, without the hassles and costs of replacing tapes, belts, motors and maintenance. Sure, everyone loves the sound of tape, who needs all the hassles? If you're like us, you want “that sound” and nothing more.

The Replay features up to one second of pure warm delay. Using a unique circuit topology like our Verbrator and Tube-FX-Loop pedals, The Replay has a True High Voltage © power supply providing 300 volts to a genuine tube audio stage as well as a real tube level indicator. It also features the same proprietary great-sounding digital technology used in many of our pedals, for the delay line. The control panel is angled, and features ultra-bright LEDS for highest visibility on stage or even outdoors. The control panel features: LEDS for: Power, peak signal, tap tempo on, tempo indicator, echo mute. Replay's operation is as simple as a tape delay. No fancy programming, or software silliness. Designed by musicians for musicians.

The control panel is clear, concise, and user-friendly. Controls are delay time, mix, wow and flutter, repeats and fidelity. The fidelity control allows you to tailor the repeats from digitally clear to tape smoothness. A discrete (delay only) effects loop, allows you to process the delayed signal through a reverb, or outboard device, prior to mixing within the tube audio stage. This output may also be used for a remote footswitch. While the Replay can be used on a pedal board in-front of an amplifier, for best performance, we encourage its use in an effects loop. The Replay is simple to operate its unique retro styling is equally at-home in a studio, as it is on a stage.

  • Power: 500 ma from 9VDC external power supply (included) via 2.1 MM tip negative connector. Internal switching power supply produces 300-VDC for tube and regulated 6-V DC for tube filaments. Use of this device with more than 9-VDC input is not recommended and voids warranty. As internal supplies are regulated, there is no benefit to higher input voltages.

  • Input: 1-Meg impedance signals from 500 to 1-Volt level.

  • Mix output: 10-K output impedance 1-volt level max.

  • Loop level 1-V maximum output and inputs: 10-K Send impedance 1-M return impedance.

  • Weight 3-lbs. Powder coated steel enclosure with heat treated silk screening.

  • Tube compliment: 1-12AX7 premium audio tube 1-EM-84 Bar Graph display tube. Tube life estimated at 5-years of normal service.

  • Premium Neutrik jacks, Cliff switches, Alpha or Bourns metal-shaft potentiometers.

  • Digital delay technology: 32-Khz clock speed, 16 Khz bandwidth. 20-ms to 1-second delay range.

  • Tap Temp circuit: Designed by Ron Menelli of RJM Music Products.

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