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The Pure Gain Plus, combines two of the world's quietest gain boosts with an A/B box. Based on an ingenious suggestion by Dweezil Zappa, the Pure Gain Plus allows you to both balance and boost the levels of two guitars (for example a single coil and a humbucker guitar). It switches to mono operation when only one instrument is plugged-in, allowing it to function as a three mode booster: bypass, and two discrete boost levels.

Like the Pure Gain, when the boost level is at '0' position, the booster acts as a buffer, reducing your guitar's impedance to about 20-K, allowing it to drive long cables or additional effects on a pedalboard with minimum sonic impact. Until you've heard the increase in clarity, detail and reduction in noise this impedance change can bring, you haven't heard what you've been missing!

9-V battery or DC adaptor powered, the Pure Gain Plus features bright LEDs for each input as well as showing which boost channel is engaged. When the unit is bypassed, the respective LED blinks, and when active it turns solid. Like all Fuchs pedals, the Pure Gain Plus features solid cast aluminum power coated enclosure, heat cured silk screening, dual-sided heavy circuit boards, premium switches and controls, and premium electronic parts throughout.

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