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The Plush Tube FX Loop™ is the most affordable and flexible all-tube external effects loop on the market! Unlike other “tube pedals,” the Tube FX Loop® features a power supply with a unique regulated switching technology that takes the incoming 9 volts and converts it up to the optimal 300-Volt high voltage a tube really needs to operate best. In addition, a precision 6-volt DC regulator provides consistent DC power for the tube filament assuring lowest noise and consistent performance despite any changes to incoming line voltage.

It can also be used as a tube buffer to convert an incoming high impedance signal to a low impedance for long cable runs or driving a pedal board. The recovery (gain) stage can be used to boost the level of a guitar or pedal board with a true tube audio stage. It provides a warm sweet utility gain stage with a multitude of uses. The Tube FX Pedal ® features a unity gain cathode follower to work with any amp that has passive preamp output - power amp input patch jacks, and to add features to amps with simple series active effects loops.

Works great with like Ceriatone ®, Dumble ®, Bludotone ®, Brown Note ®, Quinn ®, and many other amps with passive loops. It has a send level control and high headroom.

The return portion of the loop features a high impedance input (250-K) and a low output impedance (5-K) with its own level control as well. The loop can be run in series or parallel modes, and features a level adjust switch for rack or pedal style effects.

A 9-volt DC adaptor is provided.

The Verbrator ® features a unique real glass window showing the tube. Like all Fuchs pedals, the Tube FX loop ® features solid cast aluminum powder coated enclosure with heat cured silk screening, dual sided heavy circuit boards, premium switches and controls, and premium electronic parts throughout.

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