Fryette Boostassio - Tube Power Boost



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Boostassio is Bold, Brazen, and Beautiful. It is Benevolent in its instrument that must be experienced to be believed.

Utilizing a unique pentode driven, variable bias tube design, Boostassio can produce tones ranging from a completely transparent clean boost to a low wattage amp on the brink of obliteration. An EF86 tube is selected for its enormous presence, exquisite gain and extremely quiet operation.

Volume: Controls the output level, which can deliver up to 20dB of clean boost — more than enough to drive even the most pristine amp into saturation.

Bias: Controls the headroom and harmonic behavior of the tube. In the full counter-clockwise “Bliss” position, the tube is biased normally for shimmering clarity, depth and headroom. In the full clockwise “Pissed” position the tube is biased virtually to “cutoff” evoking a low wattage amp gasping for its life.

From revved-up rockabilly snap all the way to thick, warm slabs of ‘woman tone’ lushness, a luminous sea of color awaits you.



  • Controls: Volume, Bias.
  • Footswitch: Switching is provided by a super reliable relay controlled True Bypass system that automatically switches to bypass mode in the event of a power interruption to the pedal unit or pedalboard.
  • Tube Complement: 1- EF86 pentode (not interchangeable with 12AX7 or similar types). A selected Tung-Sol EF86 is chosen for low microphonics, ultra-quiet operation and extended tube life. The EF86 is powered by a super low-noise high output internal power transformer for maximum dynamic range and bullet-proof reliability.
  • Input Impedance: 1Meg.
  • Output Impedance: 10K.
  • Power consumption: 12VAC 500mA.
  • AC adaptor included.

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