Frostwave Funk-a-Duck - Resonant Envelope Filter


  • Output Level
    Sets the output level ;)
  • Envelope (Down-None-Up)
    Controls the amount & polarity of envelope modulation.
  • Input Range
    Sets the input sensitivity, has major effect on intensity of effect as well as overall loudness. Important to set this so that when bypassing, the levels are about the same.
  • Res
    Sets resonance of the filter. Can be turned up to actually resonate, either continually or when triggered by peaks of the input signal. This is one thing that makes the unit rather unique.
  • Frequency
    Sets the filter cutoff frequency. It has a very wide range, so it is possible to have it set so NOTHING at all comes through. Also, when any of the other knobs (input, res, envelope, speed) are adjusted, the resonance freq moves, and needs retweaking.
  • Speed
    Sets attack/decay of the envelope. When fully anticlockwise, the speed is FASTEST. Recommend using in this position, at least until one is familiar with the unit.
  • LP Filter / HP Filter
    Selects the type of filter: lowpass or highpass. Unit will resonate in either mode.



What is it?
The Frostwave Funkaduck is a Envelope controlled Filter.
What does it sound like?
The Funkaduck is an incredibly versatile and dynamic effect. The 'Envelope' is volume controlled, so when the signal you put through such as a guitar strum, drum loop or bassline reaches a certain volume the envelope will flip open and send the signal via the filter (which you can switch between high pass and low pass), cutting off the filter abrubtly when the volume lowers. This creates an excellent resonant analog "auto wah" effect which sounds as amazing on electronic drum loops, as it does on guitars, basses and keyboards.

Paul Perry (Frostwave)

The filter section is based loosely on the Korg MS20 synth filter. With the resonance low & envelope minimised, the unit will act as a very useful distortion device. Plus, again keeping envelope at minimum, it can be used as a tone control.
Although it was designed primarily for tweaking loops & drum machines, it can be used successfully with guitar, but you need to be careful with the playing dynamics. It isn't an 'easy' guitar effect. Well woth the effort, though!

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