Frostwave Blue Ringer v2 - Dual Input Voltage Controlled Ring Modulator


  • In-A/Mic Level
    controls the input level of input A or the microphone input
  • In-B Level
    controls the input level of input B
  • Mod Mix (In B - Both - In A)
    controls the mix between inputs A and B
  • Balance (Dry-Wet)
    controls the mix between the input signal and the effected signal
  • Frequency
    controls the ring modulation frequency


  • In-A
    audio input A
  • Mic
    microphone input
  • In-B
    audio input B
  • CV In
    control voltage input
  • Output
    audio output


Frostwave Blue Ringer v2

The Frostwave Blue Ringer V2 is a Ring Modulator.

A Ring Modulator uses an internal oscillator and balanced mixer to generate new harmonics that correspond to the sum and differences of the frequencies of the input signal and the local oscillator.

For example if the input signal from a guitar or keyboard is 800 cps and the local oscillator is at 600 cps then the output will be two frequencies of 200 and 1400 cps.

The Frostwave Blue Ringer V2 can take two inputs and output the sum difference of the two frequencies. It has can be controlled using an expression pedal or other control voltage device like a Frostwave Spacebeam.

It can give your instruments an 'unmusical' avante garde tone. The first use of Ring Modulators was by avante garde composers in the 1950's, hence it has found itself in such a wide variety of experimental electronic music.

Once you familiarise your self with what a Ring Modulator sounds like you will hear it everywhere. Bands like Autechre modulate alot of there drums via ring modulators creating a beautiful metalic drumloops (almost like a jamacian steele drum with a slightly more synthetic timbre).

Band such as Radiohead and countless others are putting ring modulation into their recordings. Ring Modulation is a distinct incredibly versaltile effect that can be used creatively on almost any instrument.

One of the most classic examples is it's use as a vocoder like effect on voice. The ring modulator was used as the voice of 'The Daleks' on the cult Sci-fi British TV show Dr Who.

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