Frontline Hand Clap


  • Volume
    adjusts the output level.
  • Decay
    adjusts the size of concert hall to produce the level of reverberation.
  • Tuning
    adjusts the clapping tone.
  • Persons (Few/Many)
    switches between claps from few or many persons


  • Ext. Trigger In
    input for external trigger signals
  • Out
    audio output


the manufacturer's brochure:

It provides all kinds of hand clapping, suchas clapping in either large or small hall, single or multi-clapping.

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  • Trigger Input
    allows other devices to control it.
  • Input Level
    over 150mA
  • Output Level
  • Output Impedance
    over 10k Ohms
  • Power Consumption
  • Power requirements
    9V DC
  • Dimensions
    124mm x 74mm x 60mm
  • Weight
  • Switch
    Noiseless FET switching: no pops or clicks.
  • Switched Input Jack
    It automatically turns on battery power when plug is inserted. Completely remove input plug when no in use or power will be drawn from battery

Where to find one?

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