Fromel Electronics Emerald Ring


John Fromel

Octave - Fuzzy - Ring Modulator, modeled after the green ringer it's a wonderful sauce on top effect after a dirt pedal. The easiest of all pedals to use, just turn it on!

Fromel Electronics

Emerald Ring - Octave - Fuzzy - Ring Modulator. The Emerald Ring is a tonal contradiction that is equally as raspy and dissonant as it is melodic and warm. It's the “special sauce” that makes lead lines sing with otherworldly overtones while your chords clash in harmonic bliss.

The easiest of all pedals to use, just turn it on and let the ring do the rest!


  • High grade double sided PCB's with plated through holes.
  • True Bypass (except the EQ which is selectable buffered or true bypass)
  • Highest quality audio grade components
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Teflon insulated silver plated copper wiring
  • Alpha pots

Each enclosure is hand etched and painted and no two will ever look the same. Knob and switch sets are determined at assembly depending on what I think looks best on that enclosure.

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